WG5 Workshop in Paris

As planned our next meeting will happen in Paris in the context of EUMAS. The following activities are planned:

  1. Workshop on Trust: http://www.interdisciplines.org/conferences/Workshop-on-Trust-and-Reputation. As you all know, a number of abstracts in the area of trust have been submitted to this workshop. It is a rather original workshop in which the papers will evolve from the discussion before, during and after the workshop takes place. The workshop will take place on the afternoon of the 14th and during the 15th.
  2. Specific WG meetings. In parallel with the workshop specific WG meetings may be planned.
  3. EUMAS workshop. 16-17 December. The European workshop on multiagent systems.

As you can see, trust is going to be the main topic of the workshop and because of that I think that the most reasonable think is that this time we basically join the workshop for it whole duration and actively participate in the discussions and if convenient and appropriate ask to join some author team in order to develop the papers.

Given this, I suggest that those of you interested in attending do the following before November 15:

  1. Look into the abstracts of the workshop
  2. Let me know if you plan to attend
  3. Let me know which paper(s) you’d like to comment on, discuss further, or even participate in the writing.

I think this is a great opportunity to further strengthen the community of trust and agents.
As usual there is a limited amount of scholarships to support your attendance to the meeting. Those in need of such scholarship, please let me know before November 15.

List of attendees

  • Carles Sierra
  • Daniel Villatoro
  • EugĂ©nio Oliveira
  • Joana Urbano
  • Andrew Koster