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Results of Workshop on Organisations (WG3) in Cyprus

The First Workshop on Organisations of WG3 was hold in Cyprus on 15th and 16th  December 2009. On Tuesday 15th, a brief presentation of ongoing work was given by the following WG3 members: Professor Kuldar Taveter, from Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia), presented his work on "Agent-Oriented Modelling" (AOM), in which they explain how AOM can be employed for understanding and designing socio-technical systems. Estefania Argente, from Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (Spain), presented her work on "VOM - a Service-Oriented Open MAS meta-model",  which proposes a Modeling Language for describing Organization-Centered Multi-Agent Systems.

Olivier Boissier, from Ecole Nationale Superieure Mines of Saint-Ettiene (France), presented his work "The MOISE Framework", which is an organisation-oriented programming platform for developing normative multi-agent organisations.

On Wednesday 16th, an interesting discussion on how to keep on working and collaborating between us was hold.  Some important issues were discussed:

- Estefania Argente was selected as new co-chair.

- A position paper will be developed, reporting existing research and on-going work, as well as comparing and connecting our different approaches.

- A Wiki might be useful for writing our position paper and finding dependencies and relationships with other WG packages.

- Joint Sessions with other WG are needed in next meeting, since "Organization" seems to be a key issue for other approaches, such as norms, trust, and so on.