WG2, Norms

Primary Objectives

  • European research excellence: to facilitate harmonization and improvement (on the basis of relevant prior work from related areas and disciplines) in the theoretical interdisciplinary advancement, formalization, computational modeling, and industrial relevance of European research in the emerging field of the computational treatment and support of norms and normative relations in human interactions and institutions, and in norm-based artificial systems;
  • Technology transfer: to gain competitive advantage for the European ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) industry in open distributed software systems.

Secondary Objectives

  • Networking and Formation: to promote joint research, exchanges, mobility among different 'academic' and industrial groups in different COST member states, and worldwide; the involvement of early-stage researchers in the community building process; and promoting WSs, tutorials, meetings, and high-quality teaching in this domain;
  • Interdisciplinary Research: to promote interdisciplinary research (legal studies, philosophy, ontology, ICT, and in particular Agents and MAS, logics, computer simulations, social and cognitive studies, etc.) in the field of Norms technologies aimed at a robust understanding of the notion of normative regulation and of "Agreement" among computational entities;
  • Awareness: to raise awareness of the emerging field of Norm studies and technologies among the target groups of the Action; and of the foundational relationships with the other issues of Organization, Trust, Argumentation, Negotiation.