5th Joint WG Workshops - WG1 session

The workshop on semantics will take place on Thursday 14th July, 2011, from 15:00 to 16:30 in Barcelona.


Antoine Zimmermann

Serena Villata
Title: Access Control for Linked Data
The idea is to first introduce the DataLift project in which this research is addressed, and then to present the model of access control we have developed.

Marie Gustafsson Friberger
Title: Semantic Web-based systems for bridging the research-practice gap in medicine
The first part of the presentation briefly describes experiences from supporting a clinical community of practice (CoP) using a Semantic Web-based system. One motivation for this CoP was supporting the translation of recent research into clinical practice. However, in the system described, the identification and selection of articles was only carried out by researchers.

The second part describes initial ideas for how social, Web-based systems can be used to alleviate the gap between research and practice in medicine. In such a system, alignment between different conceptualizations (such as the researcher’s and the clinician’s) is needed. In addition, the level of trust for different authorities and sources needs to be modeled.

Mario KuĊĦek
Title: Toward Self-organized Multi-agent System for Service Management
Service management on emerging telecommunication systems that are distributed over a wide area is a hard task because it is not easy or even possible to perform final testing on a remote target system, as well as on system in operation. Experiences show that it is possible for new software running on a target system to give a result different from the one obtained on test system. Service management and software configuration operations in distributed systems become very demanding tasks as the number of computers and/or geographical distances between them grow. The situation gets worse with an increase in the complexity of the network and the number of nodes. This presentation describes a method for service provisioning in an environment with a large number of distributed network servers and different versions of services placed across them. We have developed the agent based system called Multi-agent Remote Maintenance Shell (MA-RMS) capable for remote control and management of services. We have defined possible service distribution strategies for execution of operations and in this presentation we consider applying of self-organized agents as a possible solution for this problem.

Piero Bonati
Title: Nonmonotonic description logics with low computational complexity
Traditionally, argumentation systems support nonmonotonic features. Moreover, some of the applications of OWL and RDF (e.g. biomedical knowledge representation and semantic policy formulation) call for extensions of these languages with nonmonotonic constructs such as inheritance with overriding. Nonmonotonic description logics have been studied for many years, however no practical such knowledge representation languages exist, due to a combination of semantic difficulties and high computational complexity. Independently, low-complexity description logics such as DL-lite and EL have been introduced and incorporated in the OWL standard. Therefore, it is interesting to see whether the syntactic restrictions characterizing DL-lite and EL bring computational benefits to their nonmonotonic versions, too. This talk reports some recent results about the computational complexity of Circumscription when knowledge bases are formulated in DL-lite_R, EL, and fragments thereof. The complexity of the simplest fragments ranges from P to the second level of the polynomial hierarchy; the complexity of more general fragments raises to PSPACE and beyond.

Open discussion
Title: Book chapter on Semantics in Agreement Technologies
We will discuss the content and outline of the book chapter in preparation. We will also use the remaining time to prepare for the plenerary discussion on applications, use cases and implementations.