11th International Workshop on Coordination, Organization, Institutions and Norms in Multi-Agent Systems (COIN@MALLOW 2010)

Start Date: 2010-08-30

End Date: 2010-09-02

Location: Domaine Valpré, Lyon

Country: France


The development of complex AI systems with heterogeneous and diverse knowledge is a challenge. System components must interact, coordinate and collaborate to manage scale and complexity of task environments targeting persistency and maybe, evolution of systems.

Managing scale and complexity requires organized intelligence; in particular intelligence manifested in organizations of agents, by individual strategies or collective behaviour.  System architects have to consider: the inter-operation of heterogeneously designed, developed or discovered components (agents, objects/artefacts, services provided in an open environment); inter-connection which cross legal, temporal, or organizational boundaries; the absence of global objects or centralised controllers; the possibility that components will not comply with the given specifications; and embedding in an environment which is likely to change, with possible impact on individual and collective objectives.

The convergence of the requirement for intelligence with these operational constraints demands: coordination: the collective ability of heterogeneous and autonomous components to arrange or synchronise the performance of specified actions in sequential or temporal order; rational and open organization: a formal structure supporting or producing intentional forms of coordination, capable of managing changes in the environment in which it operates; institution: an organization where (inter alia) the performance of designated actions by empowered agents produces conventional outcomes; and norms: standards or patterns of behaviour in an institution established by decree, agreement, emergence, and so on.

The automation and distribution of intelligence is the subject of study in autonomous agents and multi-agent systems; the automation and distribution of intelligence for coordination, organization, institutions and norms is the specialised interest of COIN@MALLOW2010.

The COIN@MALLOW 2010 workshop is part of the COIN series of workshops