Workshop on Trust and Privacy on the Social and Semantic Web (SPOT@ESWC-2010)

Start Date: 2010-05-30

End Date: 2010-05-31

Location: Heraklion

Country: Greece


Second International Workshop on Trust and Privacy on the Social and Semantic Web, Co-located with ESWC2010    (the 7th European / Extended Semantic Web Conference)
The Semantic Web is becoming reality as it is an integrated component of the Web
we are browsing everyday - be it the Open Linked Data movement that nowadays
exposes over 10 billion triples of RDF or the annotated and structured
information available on Web pages used by major search engines, such as Yahoo!
SearchMonkey and Google. Moreover, social data about people and their
interaction is made available in machine-understandable format in projects like
FOAF or SIOC. Facing this amount of data, privacy and trust consideration is an
important step to take right now. The challenging research questions arising
from this movement include:

* How do people know that the data gathered from several sources for reasoning
purposes can be trusted?

* How can one avoid that personal data exposed on the Semantic Web will be
combined with other available semantic data in a way that sensitive information
may be revealed?

* How shall a safe reasoning process look like that does not end up in a
conflict only because a single Semantic Web peer exposed a contradiction?

We expect discussions and results concerning questions like these at SPOT2010
leading to solutions and research results in the realm of Semantic Web and
social data for the pervasive issue of privacy and trust on the Web.

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