3rd Int. Workshop on Collaborative Agents - Research and development (CARE@AAMAS2011)

Start Date: 2011-05-02

End Date: 2011-05-03

Location: Taipei

Country: Taiwan


This workshop aims to foster discussions on computational models of collaboration support in distributed systems, addressing a range of theoretical and practical issues. We seek contributions of members in research and industry that use the agent paradigm to approach their problems. The CARE workshop series not only addresses a gap in the existing agent and AI landscape, but also tries to push the boundaries of existing work by addressing a problem that is relatively new to the agent community and that presents the community with exciting applications.

Application domains include healthcare, e-services, intelligent campuses, intelligent work places, business process management, telecommunications, and distance learning. For example, it includes the long term care of patients with a chronic disease (patient care), support of students in their studies (student care), and service provision in telecommunication (customer care). In many cases, caring requires a team of collaborators to work together under various constraints and market conditions. A team needs to achieve desired outcomes while decreasing costs associated with required activities.

The workshop is endorsed by the Action. More information