STSM WG3 (Meritxell Vinyals)

Start Date: 2010-10-01

End Date: 2010-12-30

Host Institution: University of Southampton

Host Country: UK

Home Institution: IIIA CSIC

Home Country: Barcelona, Spain


During this stay I plan to explore the following points with the researchers working in the host institution:
1) Extend the Divide-and-Coordinate algorithms developed in our lab that allow agents to solve optimization problems distributedly by exploiting the concept of agreement.
2) Study the applicability of the Divide-and-Coordinate algorithms to potential applications that are objective of study of the host institution such as sensor networks, smart grid or the robocup rescue.
3) Explore the synergies and parallelism of my current work with the work developed in the host institutions, mainly with researchers in the distributed optimization group.

STSM report