STSM WG4 (Alexandros Belesiotis)

Start Date: 2009-10-28

End Date: 2009-11-29

Host Institution: The British University in Dubai

Host Country: Dubai, UAE

Home Institution: University of Edinburgh

Home Country: Edinburgh, UK


The proposed research aims to tackle the following question: How can a group of agents come up with a plan to achieve a common objective, if knowledge about the world is inconsistent among the agents?

In this project, we propose to develop argumentation-based techniques for automating conflict resolution over plans.

The work can be broken down to the following tasks:

(Task 1) Preparatory work: This task will focus on building a formal model for argumentation-based dialogue protocols over plans, together with a domain representation language.

(Task 2) Analytical study of argumentation model: This task will produce the main analytical results about the properties of the dialogue protocols, and their relationship to domain characteristics.

(Task 3) Implementation of argumentation model: This task will involve programming and testing the framework.

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