STSM WG3 (Sergio Esparcia García)

Start Date: 2012-09-10

End Date: 2012-09-22

Host Institution: ENS Mines Saint-Etienne

Host Country: France

Home Institution: Technical University of Valencia

Home Country: Spain


This visit will be focused on Organization-Centered Multi-Agent Systems (OCMAS), the main research topic of both, guest and host of this STSM. Then, this action is associated to the WG3 Organisations of this COST Action.

OCMAS are a specific type of Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) where the organization is explicitly defined. One of the most important features of OCMAS is openness, being necessary to include mechanisms to control its behavior.
In this field, Agents & Artifacts conceptual framework provides concepts that help OCMAS designers to introduce elements for organizational management. Boissier et al. have developed ORA4MAS, a set of artifacts aimed to deal with organizational concepts. Esparcia et al. have developed the Artifacts for Organizational Mechanisms, which is a set of artifacts to introduce regulations in an OCMAS.

Furthermore, organizations are not static entities, but they are able to change through time. Both host and guest of the STSM have experience in the field of OCMAS adaptation. While EMSE deals with adaptation by means of the MOISE+ framework, the UPV participates in the OVAMAH project from the Spanish Government, which focuses on the development of methods, tools and architectures for Adaptive OCMAS, including guidelines to help organizational managers to identify forces that drive organisational change.

Since host and guest of this STSM have common research interests, this visit will be beneficial for both sides, and would be a starting point for developing a joint research work on the aforementioned topics.