RSTSM WG4 (Carles Sierra)

Start Date: 2012-07-01

End Date: 2012-09-30

Host Institution: University of Technology, Sydney

Host Country: Australia

Home Institution: IIIA-CSIC

Home Country: Spain


The visit is framed in the context of an overall aim of enabling a computer system to evolve itself as its world changes by embedding intelligent agent technology in the system. During the visit I plan to use Agent Technologies from working Group WG4 for that endeavour. These agents perform three key functions: first, they enable their capabilities to evolve, second they enable the entire system to evolve, and third they spawn new systems. This evolutionary process will be achieved by COST STSM Application Form argumentative dialogues among the agents. These dialogues are triggered either by any of the agents detecting changes and opportunities in its environment, or by recognising and adapting social behaviour patterns that work. Such behaviour patterns will be debated by the agents. This is how laws and norms evolve in human societies.

During the visit I’ll work on two aspects of the problem:
1. Definition of a Governance Language. A governance language will be implemented that will extend the deep structures of the Electronic Institutions Development Environment (EIDE) developed at IIIA.
2. Definition of an Argumentation Language. It will be expressive enough to allow for proposals, appeals, and justifications grounded on evidence gathered from abstracted patterns and context analysis. The objects of argumentation will be governance models. An argumentation protocol and a method of argument selection will then be implemented to determine whether the current governance model is to be substituted by another one that receives stronger support from the multiagent deliberative process.