STSM WG3 (Juan M. Alberola)

Start Date: 2012-03-01

End Date: 2012-05-31

Host Institution: University of Aberdeen

Host Country: UK

Home Institution: TU Valencia

Home Country: Spain


I`m going to investigate about models for learning and reasoning about the suitability of organizations adaptation. We plan to analize how information regarding the success degree of an adaptation can be incorporated in order to take it into account in later adaptations. The objective is to develop a mechanism that is able to estimate the consequences of organization adaptation in terms of time required, benefits achieved, impact in other elements of the organization, etc. This information is required to be estimated before the adaptation is carried out in order to evaluate the suitability of the process.

We consider that adaptation in MAS organizations should provide mechanisms that allow to evaluate how different changes could influence the organization behaviour. If changes regarding several organization dimensions are applied, these changes can be difficult to be estimated, and their consequences could have a big impact in the organization performance (positive or negative impact). We want to work in this line of contribution.