STSM WG4 (Katarzyna Bozena Wasielewska)

Start Date: 2012-04-22

End Date: 2012-04-28

Host Institution: Imperial College London

Host Country: UK

Home Institution: SRI, Polish Academy of Sciences

Home Country: Poland


The main goals of the visit are:

- To discuss the approaches to automated SLA negotiations that were used in the European Grid Projects with the focus on the ARGUGRID project advantages and drawbacks of selected solutions, possible problems,
- Consultations on the correctness of the approach to negotiations selected for the Agents in Grid project.

My work focuses on designing and implementing a module responsible for conducting multi-round automated negotiations within the frames of Agents in Grid project that utilizes software agents as resource brokers in Grid. The assumptions of the proposed solution include two negotiation scenarios: (i) user, represented by a software agent, negotiates with a manager of a workers team the conditions of job execution, (ii) worker negotiates with the manager of a team the conditions of joining. These two negotiation scenarios are crucial for the AiG system. Moreover, all data in the system as well as communication is based on the set of ontologies that were designed within the AiG project. Dr. Francesca Toni that I am interested in visiting was the coordinator of the EU funded ARGUGRID project, in which agent technologies, argumentation logic and minimal concession strategy was used in resource negotiation in the Grid. This makes these two projects close in terms of technologies used but different in terms of implemented negotiation mechanisms. During my visit I would like to exchange experiences and discuss approaches to establishing SLA that were used in the ARGUGRID, as well as in other European projects and their applicability to the AiG project. This visit would give me a great opportunity to gain knowledge from the experiences originating from the ARGUGRID project. Furthermore, my visit may result in a joint effort to prepare an advanced solution for resource management in the Grid.