STSM WG3 (Víctor Sánchez Anguix)

Start Date: 2011-12-02

End Date: 2011-12-11

Host Institution: Delft University of Technology

Host Country: The Netherlands

Home Institution: Technical University of Valencia

Home Country: Spain


In the last few years, research in agent-based negotiation research has mainly focused on negotiation processes where parties are formed by single individuals. However,  in many real life scenarios need to be carried out by teams (e.g.  a group of friends  negotiating a holiday package with a travel agency).  We have developed some approaches on  Agent-based Negotiation Teams.  One of our aims is to integrate our approach in GENIUS Framework, which supports the analysis and simulation of bilateral negotiations in multiple negotiation domains and facilitates research in the area of bilateral negotiation.  We are planning to extend GENIUS framework to support bilateral negotiation for a group of agents, namely negotiation team, negotiating with another party. Integrating teams in GENIUS would advance the state-of-the-art since it would allow to test different team dynamics against well-know negotiating agents and offer the possibility for other researchers to compare their own team dynamics with state-of-the-art intra-team strategies .

We also plan to extend our previous approaches to support both quantitative and qualitative issues, and develop new strategies and compare them in a realistic negotiation settings.  The work carried out in this STSM will allow me to extend my work and evaluate our team dynamics in a variety of scenarios.  Since robust emprical evaluation and analysis of the proposed approaches constitutes an extremely important part of my thesis, it is important to be granted with this STSM and start collaborating with Prof. Dr. Catholijn Jonker and Dr. Reyhan Aydogan to extend my current thesis work.

STSM Report