STSM WG4 (Luca Longo)

Start Date: 2011-12-05

End Date: 2011-12-17

Host Institution: Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Host Country: Israel

Home Institution: Trinity College Dublin

Home Country: Ireland


The concept of Human Mental Workload is a ill-defined concept. Several definitions exist in the literature of psychology and cognitive science in general. Although a well-established definition is not present, Human Mental Workload plays an important role in ergonomics and interaction design: it has a practical value.
Formalising the concept as a operational construct may have important impacts in the field of Human Computer Interaction.

The challenging proposal is the application of Argumentation Theory and non-monotonic logics to study a context-aware paradigm able to model the concept of Human Mental Workload and explaining how  the factors/arguments or pieces of evidence that influence it are aggregated. The framework is meant to be applicable in different real-world settings and scenarios with the capacity of being self-explanatory.

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