STSM WG1 (Levan Uridia)

Start Date: 2011-10-31

End Date: 2011-12-14

Host Institution: University of Liverpool

Host Country: UK

Home Institution: University Rey Juan Carlos

Home Country: Spain


After the presentation on the conference IJCAI 11 we had a discussion with Wiebe van der Hoek from the university of Liverpool how to extend the presented material from single agent to many agents. Roughly the subject relates with the minimisation of the belief set of an agent taking into account that some facts should be ignored.

One of the existing formalisations of this concepts are described by Schwarz and Truszczynski in the paper ¨Modal Logic S4F and the Minimal Knowledge Paradigm.¨ They use the nonmonotonic modal logic for describing the minimal knowledge set of an agent. Although their approach is relevant for knowledge set (not belief) of an agent.

This approach was taken further by Wiebe van der Hoek et al in the paper ¨Theories of Knowledge and ignorance¨where they described the procedure how to extend minimisation techniques from one agent to multiple agents.

In our presentation we presented how to apply the minimisation technique to belief set of an agent using the new modal logic KS and special nonmonotonic version of K4Df. Now the natural extension would be to apply the techniques discussed by Van der Hoek et al to our logic and thus formalize the idea of minimal belief for many agents.

STSM Report