STSM WG4 (Serena Villata)

Start Date: 2011-12-16

End Date: 2011-12-23

Host Institution: University of Turin

Host Country: Italy

Home Institution: INRIA Sophia Antipolis

Home Country: France


The main goal of the working plan (in the context of WG4) is the study of the methodology of meta-argumentation for modelling trust among information sources.

Trust is a mechanism for managing uncertain information in decision making considering the information sources. In their interactions, the information sources have to reason whether they should trust or not the other sources, and on the extent to which they trust those other sources. This is important, for example, in medical contexts, where doctors have to inform the patient of the pro and con evidence concerning some treatment, or in decision support systems where the user is not satisfied by an answer without explanations.

We start from the results published in [Villata et al., Arguing about the Trustworthiness of the Information Sources. ECSQARU-2011] and we aim at extending them in order to cope with the problem of trust dynamics in which the trustworthiness of the information sources is influenced by the trustworthiness of the arguments they propose and vice-versa.

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