STSM WG3 (Amineh Ghorbani)

Start Date: 2011-09-27

End Date: 2011-10-12

Host Institution: IIIA-CSIC Barcelona

Host Country: Spain

Home Institution: Delft University of Technology

Home Country: The Netherlands


The theme of my phd research is developing an agent-based methodology to model socio-technical systems for the purpose of policy making. This methodology which tries to give a broad ontological view of the components in a socio-technical systems has a special focus on social aspects such as norms and institutions. In this research visit I would be working with Dr Pablo Noriega at IIIA-CSIC. The purpose of this visit is two folds. First to introduce the framework we have been developing at the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management which greatly inspires from the Institutional Analysis and Development framework (IAD) and thus related to the E-institutions work at IIIA-CSIC. We will be exploring a case study to further investigate the applicability of this framework resulting in a publication. The second purpose of this visit is to develop a framework for validating agent-based methodologies. We would use this framework to compare E-institutions with Opera and MAIA (our developed framework). This would also result in a publication.

STSM Report