STSM WG2 (Nir Oren)

Start Date: 2011-05-22

End Date: 2011-05-29

Host Institution: University of Montpellier II

Host Country: France

Home Institution: University of Aberdeen

Home Country: UK


The main objective of this research visit is the investigation of how argumentation can be utilised
to both perform practical reasoning and determine the effects of changes in the constitution of
bread on various stakeholders (e.g. the public, farmers, bakers, etc). Arguments in this domain
include logical and ontological components, constraints, and  uncertainties, and interact by both
supporting and attacking each other.

Our long term plan of work involves eliciting information from domain experts and representing it in a form
suitable for consumption by our logical machinery. Here, the work of [de Moor, Croitoru, Parks]
(Croitoru at the host institution) will be utilised to visually represent the internal structure of arguments,
and this work will be enhanced to allow for support and uncertainty following the work of [Oren et al].

Second, based on the above graph based logical representation, the  support and attack relations could be (partially) inferred. A first
approach for such elicitation was investigated by the thesis of  Jean-Remi Bourguet and the subsequent works of Rallou Thomopoulos
and Jerome Fortin at the host institution. However, their  representation only looked at the incompatibility of argument`s
purposes. We plan to investigate the implications of this work by  considering more elaborate reasoning mechanism for detecting such

This STSM will focus on laying the foundations for addressing the overarching problem, and on preparing a FET-Open EU project
in collaboration with the University of Montpellier to investigate the problem in more detail.

STSM Report