STSM WG5 (Reda Yaich)

Start Date: 2011-04-17

End Date: 2011-04-22

Host Institution: University of Aberdeen, UK

Host Country: UK

Home Institution: Ecole de Mines Saint-Etienne

Home Country: France


My work aims at proposing an adaptive and evolving management of trust policies within virtual communities. More specifically, my study tries to investigate the benefits of combining agent’s self-organized and normative approaches to enable a decentralized and self-adaptive trust assessment for open environments. Our propositions bear an exploratory nature because it focuses on a familiar concept (trust) within an emergent phenomenon (virtual communities) about which little relevant information is available. Our main challenge now is to find a formalism to capture, apply and adapt trust models in the context of virtual communities, while preserving a realistic semantics of human trust. The considered formalism has to be flexible enough to handle the overall aspects of the required dynamic, subjective and multidimensional trust model. This STSM visit is intended to help making the first connection with Tim Norman’s group working on Trust and policies. The objective is to identify potential opportunities to pave the way for future collaboration our respective institutions. This initiative follows on from a discussion we had with some of the host institution members within the EUMAS workshop. During our brief discussion we identified some points of common interest (Trust, Policies, norms and MAS). We plan to explore the application of some of the host team solution as part of our on-going work on trust policies formalization. During this visit, our plan is to make progress our research by realizing the following steps:  Present and get feedback about the formalization of our trust model.  Discover related research works and identify potential collaboration anchors.  Find an appropriate formalism to represent our trust model.  Set up collaboration with interested members of the host institution. The visit provide an excellent opportunity for us to allow first meetings in order to set up a future collaboration that can subsequently be completed with remote interactions.

STSM Report