STSM WG3 (Radu-Casian Mihailescu)

Start Date: 2011-04-24

End Date: 2011-06-15

Host Institution: Clausthal University of Technology, Germany

Host Country: Germany

Home Institution: University Rey Juan Carlos

Home Country: Spain


An agent-based organizational model for a smart energy system is to be developed relying on a dynamic coalition formation mechanism for virtual power stations. Central to this mechanism we propose a solution concept that stems from the existent stability notions in coalitional games. The process is intended as an open-ended organizational adaptation, concerned with achieving stable configurations that meet the desired functionalities within stochastic scenarios. We plan to deploy the mechanism in distributed environments populated by negotiating agents and give empirical results that prove a significant improvement of organizational efficiency. Different methods for teamwork and group formation in this context will be explored in the course of the STSM (WG3). The expected outcome is a joint paper.

STSM Report