STSM WG3 (Michele Piunti)

Start Date: 2011-03-14

End Date: 2011-03-26

Host Institution: ISTI-CNR, Italy

Host Country: Italy

Home Institution: University of London

Home Country: UK


The research objectives of this visit will allow to investigate the development of open and distributed systems in the context of agent computing. This challenge accounts nowadays application domains, which are pushing a paradigm change in computing. Complex interaction indeed requires to model and program systems taking into account either individual and social aspects as a whole. This obliges to consider complex interaction styles between heterogenous self-governed entities (i.e. computational agents, humans), as well as environment infrastructures (i.e. services, web) and institutional realities (i.e. authorities, organizations). Both the approaches recently developed by Dr. Piunti and Dr. Stathis consider the need of such an integrated approach.
In this view, Dr. Piunti`s visit objectives are in analyzing analogies and differences of the models developed by the two research groups, with the aim to devise a common development framework. As an additional objective, this visit is envisaged to put the basis for a middle term collaboration between dr. Michele Piunti and the group of Dr. Kostas Stathis in Royal Holloway, London University.

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