Organising MAS: A Formal Model Based on Organisational Mechanisms

Roberto Centeno, Holger Billhardt, Ramon Hermoso, Sascha Ossowski, Proc. 2009 ACM symposium on Applied Computing, 2009, []

In this paper, we propose a general formal framework for organising multiagent systems whose participants are rational agents. This model is based on the idea of organisational mechanisms. These are mechanisms introduced in a multia-agent system with the aim of influencing the behaviour of theagents towards more e ffectiveness with regard to some objectives. We de ne two kinds of organisational mechanisms: i) informative mechanisms which provide additional information to agents, that may persuade agents to behave in a certain way, and ii) regulative mechanisms which produce changes in the environment of the agents, that may impose certain behaviours. We also defi ne some properties of these mechanisms which will make it possible to prove certain characteristics of organised multiagent systems. Finally, we present a discussion about how the social concepts proposed by diff erent organisational paradigms can be considered as either informative or regulative organisational mechanisms.