Self-regulation and Policy in the Spanish Audiovisual Sector: The Catalan Code of Best Practices

Emma Teodoro, Núria Galera, Pompeu Casanovas, 2010 AAAI Proceedings Privacy 2010: Intelligent Information Privacy Management Symposium, Stanford-CA, 2010, []

The regulatory framework of the audiovisual sector in Spain can be defined as huge, disperse, and obsolete. The first part of this paper provides an overview of the major challenges of the Spanish audiovisual sector as a result of the convergence of platforms, services and operators. In the second part, we will present an example of self-regulation through the future Code of Best Professional Practices of the Catalan Audiovisual Union. Fostering dialogue and bringing more stakeholders in the field may fit the new scenarios built up by the Web 2.0 and the Semantic Web.