Autonomic Software Engineering for Online Cultural Experiences (ACE)

Start Date: 2011-09-01

End Date: 2013-08-31


This project is about exploiting the predominance of social networking using autonomic software agents to enrich, encourage and enliven engagement with online cultural artefacts such as from a museum or a gallery. With the current problems in the European financial debt, many cultural institutions are planning to shorten the length that visitors can physically enter. In the UK for example we have heard of plans that the British Museum will close earlier and possibly shut down completely for one day a week because of the massive cuts in funding that were presented in the UK Chancellors speech detailing reduction in money for the cultural sector.
The basic idea is to have your friends, museums, art galleries and theatres all in your pocket through your handheld device.
More information is available from the ACE website.

Coordinator: Carles Sierra