Arguing and Explaining Decisions

Start Date: 2009-05-18

End Date: 2009-05-18

Location: Mieres

Country: Spain

Presenter: Leila Amgoud

Training School: COST Action IC0702 Spring School 2009


Argumentation is a reasoning model based on the construction and the evaluation of interacting arguments. Those arguments are intended to support/explain/attack statements that can be decisions, opinions, … Argumentation has been used for different purposes, such as non-monotonic reasoning. Argumentation has also been extensively used for modeling different kinds of dialogues, in particular persuasion, and negotiation.

In this presentation, we deal with an argumentative view of decision making, thus focusing on the issue of justifying the best decision to make in a given situation by arguments. We present a framework in which decisions are articulated on the basis of arguments. This framework is relevant for different decision problems or approaches such as decision making under uncertainty, multiple criteria decisions, or rule-based decisions.